Immersive Floor

Feel VR through your whole body

Immersive Floor – the next step towards complete immersion!

Experience VR like never before. Instead of just seeing and hearing, you can now feel VR. Any haptic feedback that you feel from a VR experience immerses you even more into the action. Whether explosions in war games, the mechanics in elevators, vibrations in vehicles or just the bass of your favorite song in Beat Saber that flows through your entire body. Thanks to the Immersive Floor you will experience these situations in a completely new way!


What games are compatible with the Immersive Floor?

Basically, all games are compatible, because the vibrations do not have to be programmed. We turn the existing audio signal into vibrations. Nevertheless, not all games are suitable for the Immersive Floor because in some games there are simply no situations where anything should vibrate. Here are a few examples in which the potential of our Immersive Floor can be fully exploited.

Vehicle Ride Games

War Games

Music Games

Simulation Games

Many More


Do It Yourself Instructions

Here you can download detailed assembly instructions that we have created for you to build your own Immersive Floor. You’ll be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to build! Further down you will also find our recommendations of the best suppliers for the necessary components. We have worked with these suppliers and tested their products for over two years and are totally satisfied.

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Quality of Components

The components of the following suppliers have been tested for more than 2 years and have shown their quality and reliability.

Outside Europe Buyers

The following suppliers only deliver in Europe. For countries not in Europe please search items with similar specifications locally.

A-801 Bass Shaker Amplifier

Thanks to the high-cut regulation, unwanted frequencies (such as voices) can be filtered. Specially designed for use with Bass Shaker. Powerful amplifier for up to 6 bass shakers.

B-200i Bass Shaker

We tested a lot of bass shakers, but the extremely strong and sturdy B-200i has convinced us by far the most. Delivers realistic vibrations without delays.  Perfect for the Immersive Floor! Long life even under heavy load!

Rubber Bumpers

The rubber bumpers ensure that the generated vibrations stay there and work where they are needed, in the immersive floor. Without the rubber bumpers, the vibrations would be transmitted to the ground, which would lead to a strong noise nuisance and would greatly reduce the performance.

Speaker Cable

The loudspeaker cable L-4 consists of high-purity copper strands 2 x 4 mm² OFC strand 0.12 mm Steer clear of cheap CCA cables = copper clad aluminum = Aluminium with a thin outer copper coating. The conductivity is considerably lower, so the electrical resistance for lengths over 5 meters swallows power and the damping factor of the amplifier is reduced, which deteriorates the sound.

Puzzle Mat

Floor Material Example 1

Puzzle mats are a popular floor covering in VR Arcades as they are very comfortable and provide good protection in case you lose balance and fall to the ground. Teamsportbedarf floor mats offer good quality at an affordable price.

Dance Floor Cover

Floor Material Example 2

The dance floor of the company Allbuyone is the perfect solution for all DIY people who are looking for a noble design with simple installation for an affordable price. Roll it out, fix the sides with adhesive tape to the floor and you’re done!

OSB Sandwich Panels

2050 x 675 x 22mm

The OSB panels with tongue and groove (sandwich system) ensure that the vibrations can pass perfectly from one panel to the next without the need for a complex sub-construction. Thanks to this panel system the assembly is very easy, cheap and fast. The main advantage, however, is that the floor without substructure is only about 3-4 cm high. The low height of the floor is a great safety feature. It prevents the risk of tripping when accidentally exiting out of the play area. This is especially important for VR-Arcades.

Find it at your local hardware store

Assembly Parts

The 4.5 x 20 mm wood screws are needed to attach the rubber bumpers to the OSB panels. 2 screws per rubber bumper are needed.

The extra strong tape is needed to hold the OSB panels after they have been pushed together.

Find it at your local hardware store

Audio cable, jack to RCA

The audio cable, 3.5 mm jack to 2x RCA, is needed to connect the amplifier to your PC. The cable is available in electrical shops and available in lengths of up to 20 meters.

Find it at your local electronics store 

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We are happy to share this great VR accessory with the VR community. We do not charge you anything for the product or for the assembly instructions. We provide a list with the best suppliers so you can build the Immersive Floor by yourself at a very reasonable price. Please understand that we can’t provide you with any technical support and we do not assume any responsibility for this solution. Any technical questions will be ignored. Thanks for your understanding!